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About US:

YEMTEC specialise in used and refurbished IT equipment including but not limited to computers, laptops, monitors, printers, and photocopiers and their related accessories and consumables.

YEMTEC is one of the largest exporters and wholesalers of the above mentioned product and has been doing so for more than 15 years.

  • Who We Are
  • Why Choose Us
  • Customer Expectations
  • Our Aim
  • Our Mission
  • Our Vision
  • Our Commitment
  • Our Response
  • Our Values

Yemtec - Who we are

Yemtec established in 1997, trading as a wholesaler of used photocopiers. In 1999, Yemtec started trading in second-user IT equipments mainly PCs, laptops, monitors, printer, components and later became one the main importer & exporter of IT products to many countries with an aim to provide quality products and services at highly competitive prices.

Products supplied by Yemtec are mainly of top brands that have high quality components, which are thoroughly tested prior to despatch. We are customer driven and our staffs always endeavour to offer a friendly, efficient service, providing the highest quality product and still maintain our competitive edge.
Our offices, 10,000 sq feet of warehouse space, an integrated workshop, assembly facility and a team of dedicated individuals are committed to providing you with high value services.

If you have any questions regarding our products or services we are more than happy to help you. Email us at or phone 0121 789 8147.

Why would “YOU” choose Yemtec?

Because we are your local one-stop provider offering solutions for all your IT equipment needs combined with ultra fast service.

Because we pride ourselves in being able to offer; high quality new and/or refurbished IT equipment from stock or via our vast number of trade contacts locate specialised equipment and expedite its delivery.

Because we don’t specialise in one field of computing or confine our selves to trade only but cater from the sole trader to the corporate companies encompassing computer shops, computer service and maintenance companies, network maintenance companies, schools, colleges and universities across the UK.

Because we do not just specialise in providing a hard ware sales site but cater for all types of consumables and accessories to server arrays.

Because a visit to our company when sourcing equipment can result in vast savings, for example the use of refurbished warranted IT equipment instead of new.

Because we offer free advice or a second opinion if you are unsure a product you have been offered is suitable for your needs. So before you spend over the odds on new IT equipment when dramatic cost savings could be achieved by using refurbished equipment speak to one of our specialist in its particular field, you may still buy new but through our company with cost savings.

Because gobbledegook is banned our approach is more customer-focused, jargon-free aimed to make buying IT equipment as trouble-free as possible helping you concentrate your time and energy into running and managing your business without wasting precious time trying to source the cheapest products within your budget.

In brief - we know we can help you:

  • Offer one stop solution for all your IT equipment needs combined with an ultra fast service;
  • Have access to wide range of IT equipment under one roof;
  • Reduce hardware costs;
  • 15+ years experience in the market and one of the largest exporter of used PCs/laptops and photocopiers in the UK;
  • Enable business owners to spend more quality time managing their business – and less time sourcing IT products;
  • Offer you some of the most competitive prices on all your IT equipment;
  • Offer free delivery on large orders,
  • Offer same day dispatch if you booked before 2.00pm;
  • We work closely with many local computer/laptop repair companies and IT support and maintenance companies, thus we can also provide you with an entire comprehensive ICT support package at a very competitive price;
  • You can have a complete peace of mind knowing that someone is there ready to advise you and support as and when needed.
  • We offer a wide range of product irrelevant of any age or brand ranging from old P4 to the latest i7 processors;
  • We have an in-house PC and laptop repairs facilities, all repairs are carried out in our own repair centre allowing most repairs to be turnaround within 2-3 days. We have our own full rework and testing facilities, including the latest BGA chip rework station;
  • When calling, you will be speaking to an IT literate operator who understands your problems;
  • We do not surprise our customers with hidden charges. Yemtec will always make clear the costs you are likely to incur before you commit to buy. If you would like more information please contact us.

Customer expectations:

The customer should rightfully expect YEMTEC to gain an in depth understanding of their requirement which would be the first step to providing the most appropriate cost-effective products. This will ensure the customer and YEMTEC are in unison when jointly formulating the correct response to the known or perceived market needs.

Our Aim:

To be your number one provider for all your IT equipments.

To ensure continuous supply of the most popular products in the market at the best prices.

To ensure all the products used meet the statutory requirements for the purpose intended.

To ensure the products are fully tested prior to sale.

To ensure our success is determined entirely on customer satisfaction.

Our Mission:

Here at Yemtec we strive:

To be our customers’ number one suppliers for IT product at a competitive price.

To be known as one of the best wholesalers in the field of IT, YEMTEC work closely with major IT asset management companies and manufacturers who are able to deliver large quantities of end of life IT equipment on regular basis.

Our Vision:

YEMTEC vision is to build good customer relationship by providing a one stop shop for our trade customers and enable us to monitor costs on behalf of the client so as to keep within budgetary boundaries.

Our Commitment:

To maintain lines of communication with our customers.
To ensure on behalf of the suppliers with all national regulations
To sell only good tested working products that benefits our cusomers' client.
To always live up to our claims regarding quality of service in all our areas of expertise.
To ensure the confidentiality of our customers.
To keep customers informed of new stock that become available relevant to their need.
To only recommend vendors of branded products that meet UK specifications.

Our Response:

YEMTEC always listen intently to the customer perception of the required product and strive to meet the right requirement and specification.

YEMTEC will always strive to provide suitable advice based on our expertise in the appropriate IT field. This will enable YEMTEC to provide quality assured equipment with the right specification for the required solutions and of true value to suit the customers’ needs.

Our values:

YEMTEC is always striving to be a value-driven company ensuring the continuation of the following core values:

Integrity - YEMTEC must be fair, honest and transparent in all its dealings.

Relationship - YEMTEC build long term relationships with customers, treating each relationship as a true partnership working towards a mutual goal. To achieve the perceived goal we show the workforce the same respect we ourselves would rightfully expect.

Excellence - YEMTEC must constantly achieve the highest standards in all aspects of the products and services we provide.

Teamwork - and dedicated professionalism is not only encouraged but insisted on at all levels throughout the company allowing YEMTEC to achieve and/or exceed its goals. YEMTEC must work in unison with suppliers and customers in order to provide our clients with the best service possible based on tolerance and mutual cooperation.

Performance - YEMTEC staffs are committed to producing high quality results for all our clients. We do not only meet but we try to exceed the agreed contractual quality standards. We always recommend the implementation of new technology right from the start so that the effectiveness of the company’s performance is always continuously improved.

Responsibility - YEMTEC must continue to be responsible and sensitive especially to a countries cultural heritage, environmental standards and data protection act

Standards - Customer satisfaction is our goal and to achieve this, we employ series set of standards that meet our customer expectations. These standards provide a framework to help our client’s business improve its efficiency by providing the best-practice model for it to follow. To do this, we set up a system to improve the key processes we use to provide our client products and services - allowing them to concentrate on their core business.