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Packaging information

Whilst courier take every care when transporting parcels, it is important that the goods are packaged carefully with an adequate amount of shock absorbing material surrounding it for the journey (see suggested method of packing) below.

Suggested method of packing:

  • PCs/Laptop should be placed in a corrugated (double wall), cardboard box.
  • Allow a minimum of 10cm (4in) of suitable shock absorbent packing material around the item for shock absorbing padding as shown in the correct packaging photograph.
  • Padding can be bubble wrap, polystyrene chips or similar. Avoid the use crushed paper it offers little impact strength
  • The box should be securely sealed with packing tape.
  • The unique reference number should be clearly displayed on the outer box.
  • Ancillary parts, e.g. cables, unnecessary data CDs, manuals etc are not required unless specifically asked for.
  • In the case of sending a laptop, the AC adapter and battery should be sent but should not be placed on top of the laptop so not to apply undue pressure on the lid causing the screen to crack.

Correct Packaging

Incorrect Packaging 

(shown without the top filling in place)

Does & don’ts when Sending your Package

  • When sending laptop, please include one battery and the AC adapter in the box. Sometimes one of these items can have caused the problem your laptop is now experiencing. Also, when including the AC adapter remember to place it at the side of the computer as shown in the Correct Packaging photo; this will prevent possible pressure being applied to the lid of the laptop causing the screen to crack.
  • Do not send the laptop bag, personal effects and unnecessary data disks not needed to affect the repair but do include and list any recovery CD's that came with your machine if they are available.
  • On the outside of the box clearly write the unique reference Number you received when booking.
  • When you receive your machine back, do not remove the warranty label attached to the underside.
  • Please DO NOT ship using a FedEx or UPS provided Express Box, these DO NOT provide enough protection for your laptop.
  • Avoid if possible the use of a box you need returned but if no alternative available PLEASE include a note specifying this, or you may not receive your original box back.
  • If we receive a package that has been damaged during transport or on opening a package we find the contents damaged due to insufficient packing, we will inform you immediately for instruction of how to proceed. We will remedy minor problems at no expense, but please remember Couriers & insurance companies will not cover broken LCD panels, due to incorrect packaging. If badly packed, your insurance cover may be invalid.